1st Hungarian-Ukrainian Joint Conference on
Safety-Reliability and Risk of Engineering Plants and Components

11-12 April, 2006., Bay Zoltán Instute for Logistics and Production Systems

The Objective of the Conference is to initiate the long-term co-operation between the Ukrainian and Hungarian specialists working in the field of structural integrity assessment of engineering plants and components.

The first event of these series has been dedicated to the 20 years anniversary of the Chernobyl-catastrophe, which can serve a permanent moral for the human being and unforgettable lesson for specialists working in nuclear power plants.

The main objective of the joint conference is to discuss about the cost effective solutions of ensuring safety, reliability and risk of engineering plants and components working in very different conditions.

Considering the rapid development of science and its technical backgrounds and tools, a special attention will be made also for la safe life-time extension of reactor pressure vessels and heavy-duty elements of NPP equipments.


The Bay Zoltán Instute for Logistics and Production Systems organizes the Joint Conference together with the G. S. Pisarenko Institute for Problems of Strength of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with the assistance of the following partners:

  • NPP Paks, Hungary
  • ESIS, Hungary
  • Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • EC-JRC-Institute for Energy, Petten
  • IAEA, Vienna
  • Structural Integrity Group of the Material Science and Technology Committee of the Acad. Sci. of Hungary
  • Department for Mechanical Technology, University of Miskolc

The Conference will be held

  • at the Bay Zoltán Instute for Logistics and Production Systems ,
  • Miskolc-tapolca, Iglói str. 2. from 11 to 12 April, 2006.

The Conference language is English.

Main Topics:

The topics to be addressed are devoted to the problems of structural strength and service life of reactor pressure vessels and equipment of the NPP primary secondary circuit, among them:

  • criteria of ultimate state of metals under static, dynamic, low-, and high-cycle loading,
  • assessment methods, procedures for the effect of manufacturing and service defects on the ultimate state of materials and structural elements,
  • assessment of degradation of the material structure and properties in operation methods for structural strength evaluation methods for life estimation, including residual life extension of service life,
  • environmental effect on degradation of NPP components,
  • problems of austenitic pipelines (welding joints, stress corrosion cracking behaviour),
  • risk informed maintenance and inspection as the cost effective safety assessment,
  • up-to date tools in reliability assessment of NPP components,
  • IAEA activities in life management of NPP-s of WWER types,
  • TACIS activities in the field of safety management of WWER types reactors.


The venue is Miskolc one of the largest city of Hungary in the north-east part of the country. One of the curiosities of the town is the unique bath-complex at Miskolc-Tapolca. The thermal spa has a tradition for curing various ailments since the 16th century. The spa was renovated in 1938 and extended into a fantastic natural cave system in 1958. During the last years a remarkable renovation and further extension of the spa has been realised. Due to this the spa has been became a unique relaxation place in Europe. The water of 31 C contains several trace elements highly recommended for curing circulatory problems and nervous ailments.

You know the saying: "The guest is the king" and therefore, the king deserves of kingly wine. In the social programme of The 1st joint conference the proverb " King of Wines and Wine of the Kings" will become true at a visit to the world famous wine village of Tokaj located near Miskolc.

The social program will include visits to the Cave Spa, to Tokaj (Tarcal). Please make sure that your swimming gear is in your luggage!